(short story) A cynical, unloved koopa troopa…

A cynical, unloved koopa troopa…

Meet George, say hi George:


George works early morning to night as a labourer, he enjoy’s long walks on the beach, staring at clouds while pondering this expansive universe, warm milo, reading and LOVES go karts (especially when beating mario or throwing bananas at him mwuahahaha)
He likes to keep to himself and tries to stay away from large groups of people and is damn proud of how respectful he is to all creatures however unfortunately for George this chivalry like quality that makes him unique is often misinterpreted as he feels uncomfortable around people whom harm each other and prefers the company of his own imagination as refuge from the crazy society he was born into. As often misunderstood as George is… he LOVES LIFE! Extremely enthusiastic about everything he does (with the help of lots of energy drinks and soon to be diabetes) he lives for the moment.

George the Koopa Troopa resents Mario, he really does. George feels that working 9 hours a day with no breaks in atrocious conditions just to make ends meat while Mario has everything handed to him just isn’t fair and as a result secretly despises Mario and co.

Mario’s at it again picking up the Princess and all her little ho bags to go down lygon st for a night out of clubbing, all Princess’s friends are completely white with the amount of make up on and look like giant which’s with all that eye liner.

After getting high with some friends George decided to meditate in an attempt to open his mind.
After a short meditation session in Georges shell (his crib) he felt a strong vibration feeling throughout his body, being high as a kite he really got a kick out of it and wasn’t alarmed at all as he was quite literally out of his mind. At this stage George felt his body start to rise and the whole world around him looked the same monotone colours….

After this awesome trip george heard a distant voice grow stronger edging closer from above with a haze of words being spoken really fast and at the same time, some words were being repeated ‘everything, slow vibration’ were among the many being repeated, then it hit george like a punch in the face that every thing around him is apart of him, from the air he breathers to the birds in the trees.. this thought of collective expansiveness made him giddy and he started laughing, the laughter brought him back to Earth as to the feeling of completeness followed.

The next morning George the Koopa Troopa ran upto Mario and tried to explain that all the material world is a waste of energy, it flows were attention goes and that we are always so busy stressing about scarcity and other worries in the world that we have forgotten that we are an extension of the infinite universe only slowed down into a lower vibration. The truth George realised is that we are all infinite possibility living this experience to learn more about ourselves!

Mario laughed at George while playing playstation telling him to F*$K off and don’t ever come back unless he has mushrooms!… Mario’s addiction grows….