Spirals In The Sky

A lot of commotion has been about made these apparent mysterious spirals in the sky, in particular people want to know where they come from.  Well if you are here for that reason then you have come to the right place as I explain exactly where they come from. Reported sightings of spirals have been seen in the sky over Chicago, Norway, Thailand and parts of Australia.

Here are some Video’s to show you the above in that order:


In Norway directly where the beam (spiral had a connecting beam) originated from there is a H.A.A.R.P facility.

The Rocket Theory

There have been many people that have made claims that these spirals are actually rockets that have been fired off and are flying around the place. Well lets look at that, firstly wouldn’t rockets flying all around the world (as you can see in the above youtube video’s), through neighbouring sovereign country’s of been noticed by someone, perhaps even the country that has hostile missiles flying into it’s space …and I don’t know… maybe shot down by defensive installations?

One more note is that these spirals have been shown to show light displacement between the black hole appearing object in the centre (watch the first video of the Thailand spiral for further info on it) and a sort of what I describe as a sparkle effect.  To a layman it seems that the light moves from top to the bottom right where another visible orb can be seen in that video as a sort of conduit or attraction to the centre, much like can be expected with experiments using high amounts of electromagnetic energy.

Other discrepancies in the rocket theory are that the Norway Spiral for example had 18 separate rings:

Norway Spiral, 18  Rings

Norway Spiral, 18 Rings

The rocket would also lose a lot of fuel rather fast, not loosing it at a continuous pace as shown in the video’s, in fact the expenditure rate would make it improbable for an object losing a limited amount of fuel to then burn off just enough to fuel the outer edges of the spiral at the exact same as the inner circle while maintaining consistently in a perfect circle, how can a rocket that has malfunctioned in some way then leave a perfect circle while losing fuel that is a perfect circumference of the spiral as a whole while maintaining a blue beam of light or steak of light?

Blue beam spiral

Blue beam spiral


In brief, H.A.A.R.P has the power to run something such as these spirals.  It has generators to shift huge amounts of power directly from the ionosphere and although has multiple locations, one of these locations is in Norway almost directly below the ‘Norwegian Spiral’. Coincidence anyone?  H.A.A.R.P has the energy required to run experiments of that use mass amounts of power. All this is not well known to the public so  on my endeavours to find the truth, I’ll  be adding more information on “The Open Axiom” in future about it, for any questions are welcome in the comments box as always.

Lay-lines/Meridian Lines

Meridian lines or Lay-lines as they are sometimes called are the lines that run along the Earth’s magnetic grid.  On the Earth there are 12 points that criss cross together, these points are magnetic fields that have amazing affects when going near them, they are energy points that hold enormous power of the Earth.  One of these points is very well known for disappearances which is of course the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

Meridian Lines & Australia

Australia is the only country on the surface of the planet that is surrounded completely by 4 energy fields on the meridian line grid.  What’s even more interesting to note is that these spirals have been reported to leave positions from these energy fields toward the centre of Australia where Pine Gap is located.

You can see these Images here taken by The Australian Bureau of Meteorology and put on their site before it was taken down.

Top Left Of Australia's Spiral

Top Left Of Australia's Spiral

Ruby Red Centre - as seen on radar

Ruby Red Centre - as seen on radar

“The large ring of black radiating spokes, centered upon a ‘Ruby Red Star’
feature as seen today over the north west of Australia is an odd one.  Ive been
an amatuar meteorologist now for 40 years and have spent countless hours
looking at weather data from satelliotes and radar sceens and have never seen
such a feature before.”

– Colin Andrews

Bottom left spiral Australia

Bottom left spiral Australia

Spiral Over Victoria - note the oceanic changes of waves

Spiral Over Victoria - note the oceanic changes of waves

What may be the most interesting and obvious spiral heading towards Pine Gap coming from the direction of Western Australia as pictured below.

Spiral - Western Australia

Spiral - Western Australia

Spiral - Western Australia moves toward Pine Gap

Spiral - Western Australia moves toward Pine Gap

Spiral - Western Australia moves towrad Pine Gap

Spiral - Western Australia moves towrad Pine Gap

A must watch video explaining exactly where these spirals come from and how they are made by man by David Wilcock:






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